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Cooperative Economics Men Women Youth in Our Community

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Cooperative Economics Men Women Youth in Our Community


By Herbert Harris,
author of The Twelve Universal Laws of Success

1. It should be written, committed to, and shared.

Writing your
goals helps crystallize exactly what you want to accomplish. Write each goal in
one or two sentences. If it takes an entire page to write your goal, chances
are that you will not be able to attain it. A short, simple, concise goal
statement is easier to think about, remember, and act on.

Once you have
written your goal statement, read it aloud at least three times per day. Think
about it constantly. You must be committed to accomplishing each goal. Make a
binding agreement with yourself that nothing and no one will stop you from
attaining your goal. Give your time, efforts, expertise, resources, and
anything else necessary to accomplish your goal.

Share your goal
with someone special who understands and believes in what you are doing. Stay
away from people who will discourage or criticize you. Be sure that the people
with whom you share your goals will not be jealous or envious. They should have
important goals of their own to accomplish, and be well on their way to
accomplishing them. The purpose of sharing your goals is to establish
accountability, and to obtain cooperation, assistance, and encouragement.

2. It
should be realistic and attainable.

One of the
easiest ways to set yourself up for failure is to select improper goals. No
goal is impossible, but it may be unrealistic at your particular state of
development or at a given time. Make sure that your goals are realistic and
attainable for you, based on where you are right now.

3. It should be flexible and reflect change.

Your goal is a
statement and projection of your vision. However, as you begin to pursue your
goal, external conditions and circumstances which are beyond your control may
appear. When this interference occurs, do not become discouraged or abandon
your goal. Make the necessary changes and modifications to your goal, or to the
manner of pursuing it.

4. It
should be concrete and measurable.

Your goal must
be definite and specific. Clearly define it in terms of your senses: How does
it look, feel, smell, taste, and sound. See your goal in terms of size, color,
location, movement, and any other characteristic or property that can be
perceived by the senses.
If your goal is
not concrete and clearly defined, you will probably not be able to attain it. Your
goal is the outcome desired as a result of your organized efforts.
When the
desired outcome%u2014your goal%u2014is unclear, then the energy and activities necessary
to produce that outcome cannot be focused or directed effectively.
Your goal must
be measurable to determine its dimensions. When a goal is measurable, you have
a standard by which you can analyze it and estimate completion. If it is not
measurable, it is extremely difficult to project when you will attain it, how
far you have to go, or how much energy it will take.
5. It should be extended to cover certain time

Set a definite
time period in which to accomplish your goal. A definite time period gives you
a standard by which to measure and regulate your performance.
Take special
care in establishing a proper time for accomplishing your goal. This time
period should be realistic in light of your particular level of skill, the time
and resources you have available, time constraints of the goal itself, and
benchmarks of past performance by yourself and others.
Putting a time
component into your goal gives you a means by which to examine your performance
and project your completion. If, based on monitoring your own performance, the
projected time for completion is unreasonable or unacceptable; you can increase
your efforts, modify your timetable, or even alter your goal accordingly.

6. It should be set in advance.

Your goal is a
destination, the desired outcome of your endeavors. If it is not set in
advance, then you cannot make plans, nor take effective steps to attain it.
When you set
your goal in advance, you give a particular orientation to your life and bring
focus to your energy and to your thoughts.

For More Information
on Goal Setting and Time Management check out our December 14 and 15 event <CLICK


We are rapidly developing a global financial and economic
infrastructure that will be cooperative, transparent and function in
harmony with earth's biosphere. We are establishing a more perfect
union, a universal federation of nations. We are all responsible for
this. Human civilization is whatever we make it. Every single human
being alive on earth is responsible for making the world a better
place, for creating a safe, clean and decent society. I have been reading, World Economic Situation and Prospects 2009. It is
a joint product of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and the five United
Nations regional commissions. It is an assessment of the global economy
for 2009. The report seems to be saying that the financial infrastructure set up
at the Bretton Woods conference in 1944, including the IMF and the
World Bank, is essentially bankrupt beyond repair, and that we are
working on developing a new alternative international banking system.
The United Nations is developing a multi-polar economy, that includes
all nations and several currencies, instead of the US$ based economy
set up at the end of World War 2. So, what does this mean to you and
what must be done in this time of economic decline and transference of
Make no mistake about it, we must as a crucial action in our stability as a
people join one to the other in a Cooperative effort for us to sustain
our livelihood in this time. There has been a coop formed to educate
people on the time and what must be done. You can get more information
about Coop from the founder and chairman Lee Green and National Black Trade Association

Stop Struggling- Build A Biz with BBBC

Cooperative Economics (aka.Black Capitalism) is immersed in the ethic of African-Americans building wealth together, as exemplified in the Kwanzaa value of "'''ujamaa meaning ''''cooperative economics. A prominent proponent and example of this '''cooperative economics is Russell Simmons who can be seen advocating the building of not only individual black businesses, but communities of black businesses. Simmons has made the comment that Black MBA students and graduates have the notion that they want to own their own businesses, not to simply be employed in someone else business.

The mentality of group success is highlighted and examined in the book Black Power Inc. by Cora Daniels. In her writings, Ms. Daniels says that the ethic of individual success is exemplified by African-Americans born before and during the civil-rights movement, while proponents of group success are born after the civil rights movement.
A recent effort to standardize black capitalism as a movement was introduced in two books: Black Labor: White Wealth and the more recent book Powernomics by [ Dr. Claud Anderson]. In these two books Dr. Anderson outlines a schema on which black wealth can be coordinated and developed through a nine-issue plan.
Some see cooperative economics (aka Black Capitalism) as a form of [Social entrepreneurship] which aims to build businesses that are oriented around providing services and goods that benefit the community in which they were built. Others see this as an outgrowth of the communal and tribal ethic attributed to traditional African cultures. I See it as Simply Just Making Sense/Cents.

Be A Part of The Solution and Not The Problem.....Join The Co-op.


Kwanzaa is a secular African-American holiday
created Dr. Ron "Maulana" Karenga. Kwanzaa is sometimes spelt "Kwanza"
(or incorrectly as "Kwaanza") - and the name is ultimately derived from
the Swahili phrase "matunda ya kwanza" which means "first fruits" and
refers to a traditional African celebration. Dr. Karenga added the
additional "A" to the word, to refer to African-American (as opposed to
just African), and so that the word had seven letters to signify the
seven principles of blackness. The holiday runs from December 26th to
January 1st, and was first celebrated in 1966.
Each of the 7 days of Kwanzaa celebrates one of "The Seven Principles of Kwanzaa" ("Nguzo Saba"):
1. Umoja - Unity: To strive for and maintain unity in the family and community.
Kujichagulia - Self-Determination: To define our common interests and
make decisions that are in the best interest of our family and
3. Ujima - Collective Work and Responsibility: To
build and maintain our community, and to make our brother's and
sister's problems our problems and to solve them together.
Ujamaa - Cooperative Economics: To build and maintain our own stores,
shops and other businesses and to profit from them together.
5. Nia - Purpose: To look within ourselves and to set personal goals that are beneficial to the community.
6. Kuumba - Creativity: To do as much as we can to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than when we inherited it.
Imani - Faith: To honor the best of our traditions, to draw upon the
best in ourselves, and to strive for a higher level of life for
humankind, by affirming our self-worth and confidence in our ability to
succeed and triumph in righteous struggle.


Philadelphia, PA - Lee Green, founder
of the Black Business Builders Club and Chairman of the National Black Business
Trade Association said we know that building a stronger, more effective Black
business sector will go a long way toward the social and economic
revitalization of communities everywhere.

His organization
created the The Black Business Builders Club in order to help
ensure the process of "recycling Black dollars". The
club features a powerful compensation plan that is designed to redirect a
portion of Black wealth back into the hands of the Black Community.

The Black Business
Builder's Club
is a Success University & Entrepreneurial Training Center,
which offers it's members access to the latest cutting edge resources,
training, tools and technology to help ensure entrepreneurial

Using the powerful
book "Black
Folks Guide To Making Big Money On The Internet"
, club members receive
a step by step guide to Black economic empowerment. Provided as a club benefit,
"The Guide" also serves as an "Operators Manual" for
getting the most out of the Club.

According to recent
reports, African Americans have over 700 million dollars available to spend as
they please. The most they spend with black business is 6-7%.
That's a major problem. That means 93%-94% of the money black people
earn(income) is being spent with someone else(outgo). "The club
serves to help recycle some of that money to enrich ourselves instead enriching
everyone else."

The clubs
mission is to help get more of those dollars spent with black businesses
and entrepreneurs within our communities before any of that money has to
leave. It does not have to be complicated to get started. We just have to
do it.

The club recently
added an additional day of member training to assist members in learning how to
market their business and how to build substantial income for themselves and
their families. The training calls occur on Wednesday night and Saturday afternoon.

If you are tired of
struggling to make money on the internet, the Black Business Builders Club
may be the solution you seek. The club is a solution oriented
organization that was created to help you, help yourself!

For more information
go to;

The Black Business Builders Club is a project of the National Black
Business Trade Association which was founded in 1993. The Club opened
operations on March 4th, 2008. They are headquartered in Deltona, Florida.


LeQuinn Harris

Our perception (of ourselves) has not changed and makes no sense (or cents).

We still talk about Black people not reading. Barnes and Nobles has
changed their perception, and all other large chains have changed their
perceptions. Is this progress? Or what? Black bookstores lead the way to open opportunities for others to advance and get a foothold in this economy. They provided access to good information in the form of reading materials, research and history resources, posters and Black art, by and about us. They allowed us to
use their stores after hours for book clubs and community meetings.
They served us well. They helped to feed and free our hungry Black minds. They didn't think or even imagine that we would abandon them just to go to the mall.

Another example. During the Civil Rights era, there were some who lead
the way for the masses to enjoy better public accommodations and equal
For those too young to remember, Black folk couldn't drink from water
fountains in public parks or use public toilets or sit in certain seats
on buses or in movie theaters.

That newly legislated "access" led to a depletion and decline of most
Black businesses left in the path of the flight "downtown" to spend
(give away) our money.
The leaders of the day hoped to find more education (enlightenment) for
our people in colleges and universities, that we could not have
historically attended.
This shift and trend, caused a "Brain drain" in our communities
nationwide and within historically Black colleges. The trend also
created a slow down in the development of Black businesses. People took
corporate jobs under what were then called "pacification programs".
The call of the day was to "get a good job", move out of the old
neighborhood and find a new set of (white) friends and spend all of
your money while trying to impress.
In the process, we abandoned those who helped us get ahead. So, have we
progressed as a result? How far have we gotten? How much further do we
have to go? What's our next biggest challenge?

I say its economic and financial development and Black consumer awareness.

Its tackling the "free enterprise system" with a vengeance and using it
to better leverage our position here as a people. So as to ensure that
future generations will not be put back, put out or put under because
of us misreading the times or the intent of those in our midst.
As consumers, we need to be more responsible (response able) and not
merely reactionary (trends come and go). Being reactionary has only
caused us more harm then good in the long run. We tend to jump quickly
when that "mental trigger" is activated.

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we need to stay on top of
forecasts and trends and not assume loyalty just because we're Black.
We need to win back Black consumers' confidence. We need to "fight fire
with fire". We need to be the best in all that we do. We need to lead
and not follow. We need to take charge and lead by example. Showing
others the way to financial success.

We are now living in the "Information Age", the age of the Internet and digital/telecommunications

We are at the beginning of the "Nanotechnology Age" and we should
working in that area now. So there's still plenty ahead of us to do.
Now is the time for us all to awaken and establish ourselves in the
right positions and build a strong foundation. There's a lot of work to
be done.

Until the Black business sector is fully operational and contributory,
we as a people, will continue to suffer from all the negative
historical programming and miscalculations that still exists.

The Black Business Builders Club is spearheading the call for Black
business development as a hedge against other market, historical and
political conditions. We are seeking to find like minded people to join
us as we move forward with us.

We know we can't be all things to all people. We know our niche. Its
home-based, small office, full and part time, entrepreneurs. business
owners and sales distributors.

We are helping Black people start, grow and develop across all business
lines. We do this by providing access to good information in the form
of benefits, resources and networking. Enabling them to ignite the
flame of the "entrepreneurial spirit" within Black people everywhere.

We want our members to transfer learned skills and behavior, within
family units and provide entrepreneurship as a viable alternative to
job taking.
Membership helps us accomplish our mission and goals. Our aim is to put a new positive spin on Black entrepreneurship. We believe that every
month is Black business awareness month. We are building a Black
business and consumer network. We invite all to participate.

Peace and Blessings,

Lee Green, Chairman, National Black Business Trade Association

The news media, currently is highlighting this fact all the time now.
We want to continue to expand positive exposure for Black businesses.

Its time for us to tell our own story and have that story have a happy
ending. We are writing the "story" every day. Its not just about us,
but future generations coming behind us.

The story is, we are more than just "mom-n-pop" operations and we do
more than trade in only ethnic items with limited distribution or
customer bases.

We do more than work out of the basement of our homes. Or the trunks of
our cars. Or with our kids crying in the background while we're on the

We do more than run Fortune 1000 franchises. Of all sizes and annual revenues.
We do more than just sing. We run record labels and manage talent.
We do more than walk run-ways, We create fashion shows and design clothing.
We do more than network marketing/MLM. We create extraordinary incomes.
We do more than invent great products and create great new services. We provide the world with significant contributions.
The fact of the matter is ... We do it all! And the best is yet to come!
We have moved from the streets to the suites, back to the house and now around the world.
We take pride in our businesses and will protect and nurture them by
uplifting, empowering and inspiring tools for their success and growth.
Also on the other side of this advocacy, we won't let anyone hide
behind the "Black thing". Be they rich or poor, Black or white.

There are some who pretend to be a Black owned business when that's not the case.
There are some who are taking advantage of our trend-setting gift and
get to market first using us as front men. We will have to compete and
There are some who use "Black" as an excuse for poor service and higher than necessary pricing. We're not having it!
We will hold Black businesses accountable and will leave no Black
business behind that seeks to grow using proper business principles.
There is no scarcity, but universal abundance for all who adhere to the
universal laws of success. We want all Black businesses to prosper.
The marketplace is rapidly changing. We have made some historical miscalculations that have caused us to get off track.
Its time to make the necessary corrections and move full speed ahead.

For example, just a few short years ago, when you bought a Black book
you bought it from a Black bookstore. You had no other choice.
The major chains and bookstore outlets didn't carry very many Black
books at all. You couldn't go to Border's or Barnes and Noble to buy.
You could only find the best Black books in Black bookstores.
Why, because for years those and other large chains, would not carry
Black books, with Black subjects and written by Black authors. They
didn't see a market for it.
Black bookstore owners were the enlightened entrepreneurs and retailers
at the forefront of making a way for creating and growing a whole
industry of Black writers, editors, printers, publishing and
distribution companies.
Black bookstores got cut out of the loop when the large book chains saw
the hand writing on the wall. This is a Black business tragedy and
market miscalculation.
Now large chains have whole sections dedicated to "African American"
literature, when just a few years ago their general consensus was Black
do not read. What happened? They changed their minds.
Their "perception" has changed because it made good business sense.
Black readers represented for them a new market. They took the market.
Black bookstores could not compete without its old customer base who
was lured away from them and so many Black bookstores have disappeared.
Those that remain, do so with a dogged determination to still help
de-program Black minds.
And we should buy from them. When we buy from them we are not
"supporting" them as in making a charitable donation. We are doing
business with them. Their price is the price of the book. Yes, the
chains can knock off a few pennies here and there, but should we sell
out our Black bookstore for a few pennies? How do you see that?
Sometimes Black consumers only see doing business with Black businesses
as charity. They equate "support" with "charity". So when you ask the
Black consumer to "support Black businesses".
The "mental trigger" of that (programmed) consumer reacts with ...
"when I buy from a Black business I am not really doing a business
transaction, I'm helping a brother/sister out."
While that may be true, its true also when you do business with anyone. Who you spend your money with is who you help out.
But that doesn't stop the programmed mindset. The "mental trigger"
makes one believe, "because I'm helping you out (negro), don't charge
me the full price. Throw something "extra" in the bag, give me the
'hood' discount, or else I won't come back and will tell everyone I
know ... you high!"
This is not the case and we need to deal with this as a line item issue
when helping Black consumers become more aware of Black businesses.
Don't support Black businesses ... patronize them. I know, I've gotten off track but, if you are still reading (thank you). So back to perceptions.

They are home-based, full-time and part-time business owners,
entrepreneurs, conscientious consumers, corporate and government
workers and others in our commUNITY. They are our real heroes and

They have decided, for whatever reason, to not only do good for
themselves and their families, but to do right by the community by
starting a business. Or as consumers, to work to recycle Black dollars.

Ultimately, they want to be solely responsible for their own destiny
and financial well-being and not dependent upon someone else for
earning a living or for access to the products/services of their own
Many have already started and are working to grow a successful
business, the right way to provide for themselves, their families and
the general community at large. They provide goods and services that
are as good, if not better, than the same or similar products/services
offered by other groups. They give good quality service at a fair
price, while earning a reasonable profit.

As a point of unification and solidarity, many have joined the Black
Business Builders Club. Not because we have the best resource, tools,
benefits and training to be found anywhere. Not because we have some of
the greatest people in the business world associated with us. Not
because we have we have been consistently bringing value to the
marketplace for a long time; or because of, or in spite of me.
They mainly join us because, membership in the Black Business Builders
Club makes a statement. It says, that the member has made a concerted
effort and conscientious choice to be identified as a "Black Business
They have put their money where there mouth is and decide to be counted
among the ranks of those seeking to become a part of the solution and
not remain a part of the problem.
They understand the importance of organization and the need to come
together in harmony around business, financial and community issues.
They know that they could probably start their own organization but
choose rather to join one whose parent organization, the National Black
Business Trade Association, has been around for over 16 years. That is
nationally and internationally recognized, debt and (mental) disease
They want to unify and work with serious (but fun) people who are real
everyday folk, but who are about real business. And not just start
another, high priced, ego or guru-centric, "me-too" membership website
(anyone can do that).
They understand that as solo business owners and entrepreneur there is
value in establishing an extended network of contacts and resources.

Together, our goal is to help stem the tide of negative images,
stereotypes, rumors and innuendos, that have cast a less than positive
light on Black business.

By increasing our membership roles, we want to show that at this point
in history, we have reached new heights in this "free enterprise"

The reason is simple. We have all been programmed. The process that got
us into this mental condition or state is very complex and at this late
stage in the world's cultural development, still very hard to untangle.

So let's not take away from what's at hand right now, to try to delve
into the "mysteries" of mind control and the "mastery's" of slave-mind
conditioning. This is not about what has happened to us, as much as it
is about, what are we going to do about it now.

So it doesn't matter where you live, who you went to school with, what
your Mama or Pastor said or didn't say. We're programmed and
conditioned to believe certain things about ourselves, consciously or
subconsciously. That general perception, for the most part, is negative.
This is a big problem, especially for any Black business owner or
entrepreneur. Starting a business of your own is already hard. Add to
that weight, the burden of having to overcome invisible issues in a
customers head. Preconceived notions about all Black business, which
may cause many to fail or never start in the first place.
The obstacle is significant because, in the marketplace it translates
to, "you can't do business with Black folks"; "they over charge"; "they
give poor customer service"; "they do shoddy work"; "I heard bad things
from a friend of a friend, who had a cousin, whose neighbor said...".
Or some prospects who are fully capable and can afford what you're
offering to say, "why do I have to PAY that for YOUR merchandise? Why
can't I have it for FREE" or "Where's the "hood" DISCOUNT?" or "You too

The hidden meaning in FREE is, it's not worth paying for anyway. Give a
"brotha/sista a break" or the "hook up". "High" is relative to the
product/service being offered and how, when and where else you can get
The hood Discount refers to a belief that "why should I pay you retail
when you stole it or paid wholesale for it. Why you gonna try and make
a profit off me?".
This is a major problem and as Black people, we are either a part of
the perpetuating of the problem or a part of the solution. Ask yourself
where you side? Are you still programmed and conditioned by invisible/internal "mental triggers" that when stimulated cause a certain predetermined behavior?

Or have you been awakened and can "see" for yourself what really is
going on all around you and to the people you care about deeply?

The Black Business Builders Club, continues to grow and endure because
there are some in our community that have, by whatever means, been able
to break or outgrow, that mental grasp that continues to hold many
others of us down and out (of control).

They have cleansed and reconditioned their minds to be strong enough to
withstand the attack from within (their own minds and from their own
families and friends). How they did it, I don't know. I suspect only by
the grace of God.



Words of Brother Lee Green....

The state of Black business in America today is getting better.
The perceptions by others outside our culture are not as extreme as in
the past. Perhaps in part, to America having a Black Nobel Peace Prize,
nominated President.

The problem, however, still remains within our community.
How we perceive ourselves, has been and remains a problem. It has been
etched in our minds over years that somehow we are inferior in certain
areas. Taking care of "business" is certainly one of those areas.
When I say "etched", I mean that we have been conditioned and
programmed to have a set of beliefs about ourselves, which for the most
part are negative. This programming has been handed down from
generation to generation, without us in many cases, ever being aware of
the invisible "mental triggers" which can control our behavior.
Don't believe me? OK then. Try getting in front of a group of Black
people from varying backgrounds, age groups, education and income
levels, and simply say in a volume loud enough to be heard, "A Nigga
ain't ....".
And then listen, as the group will chime out on que, what they perceive
is the answer to the end of that sentence. They will shout out or say
the exact same four-letter-word, that starts with an "s" and ends with
a "t".
It doesn't matter if those people ever even met before the proclamation
was made. There would still be a "unified voice" in finishing the
comment. And those that didn't utter the word, probably still thought
it in silence.
That should make you go ...."hmmm". How can that be? Where did they get
that idea from? Who taught us that? What's the reason behind it?




Proud Member of The Black Business Builders Club
Success Lies Within Our Willingness To Be Of Service To Others.

Contact form:

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